What's your story?

For much of our lives it's all about getting there, getting more, getting noticed, growing into the person we are trying to become.  There's a certain wisdom that comes with age.  We realize that the only person we have to impress is ourselves and the only goals we have to meet are our own.  Society doesn't always see older women.  Our voices aren't always heard, but our stories are powerful and full of wisdom, especially for those who will come after us.  

I am looking for 50 women over the age of 50 to photograph and tell their stories over the next 50 weeks.  There is no cost to be part of this program.

At this time, all 50 slots have been filled  however, we are adding names to a waiting list in case a position opens up and would still love to photograph you in a Custom Signature Session or QuickTake Session, if you are interested in those options.  Please call (501)623-8300.

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